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Heat treatment: the surface of various hardware tools, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic components, auto parts, motorcycle parts electronic components such as mechanical metal parts, bore, local or overall quenching. : Pliers, knives, scissors, gear shafts, ball pin, fork, valve.
Diathermy molding: thermal annealing of metal products, in order to stretch, shape, embossed. Stainless steel products the annealed tensile modeling; stretch bending steel pipe cold
The pipe smashed head; Auto Motorcycle Accessories and Hardware Tools blank heating calcined pressure. Standard parts and other mechanical parts hot upsetting. Straight shank twist drill hot rail.
Brazing Carbide Cutters: machining, mining, drilling, wood processing industry, the cutter, the highest knife, the reamer serrated welding.
Hybrid welding of metallic materials, such as glasses parts, stainless steel pot, composite base, gold and silver alloy contact, and solar vacuum tube welding.
Smelting of precious metals: melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum, alloys and other precious metals.
Special purpose: Preheat expansion of the metal workpiece; food, Chin materials, pharmaceutical and other industries with aluminum foil sealing; coating of aluminum pipe heating cables and wires
Audio speakers thermal compound.
1. The principle of electromagnetic induction
In 1831, British physicist faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, and the theoretical explanation. Its contents, when the circuit around the area of ​​memory in the alternating magnetic field, the both sides ends of the circuit will be sensitive to the electromotive force, if the closure will generate an induction current.
(1) dielectric heating: the use of high-frequency voltage (such as the microwave)
(2) induction heating: the use of high frequency current (for example, sealed packaging)
2. Dielectric heating
Dielectric heating is typically used to heat a non-conductive material, such as wood. At the same time, the microwave oven is also using this principle.
When the high frequency voltage is applied to the bipolar plate layer on the alternating electric field generated between the poles. Requires heating the medium in an alternating electric field, the medium polar molecules or ions with the electric field to the same frequency as rotation or vibration, thereby generating heat, to achieve the heating effect.
3. Induction heating equipment
The principle of induction heating to generate alternating current, thereby generating the alternating magnetic field, and then use the alternating magnetic field producing eddy currents within the target object to achieve the heating effect.
Skin effect:
When the AC current flowing through the conductor, the induction current is generated in the conductor, thereby leading to the surface diffusion of current wizard. Is the current density of the conductor surface will be greater than the current density of the center. This also virtually reduced conducting cross-section of the conductor, thereby increasing the conductor AC resistance loss increases. Engineering specified from the conductor surface to a current density of the conductor surface of the 1 / e = 0.368 The distance 8 is a skin depth.
Induction current working locally heating the surface of the heat treatment process, this heat treatment process is commonly used in the surface hardening, also be used for partial annealing or tempering, also sometimes used to overall quenching and tempering.
The basic principle of the workpiece into the sensor within
When the sensor is passed into a certain frequency of the alternating current, namely around the surface heating. Current higher the frequency, the current density of the workpiece surface and the internal differential is the greater, the more the heating layer Pu. Rapid cooling, the temperature of the heating layer over the temperature of the critical point of steel surface hardening can be achieved.
Classified according to the frequency of the alternating current, the induction heating process into UHF, VHF, IF-frequency.
1. Current frequency used for ultra-high frequency induction heating process up to 27 Hz, the heating layer is extremely thin, only about 0.15 mm, can be used for surface hardening of the thin layer of complex shape such as circular saws.
2. The frequency of the current used in the high-frequency induction heating heat treatment is typically 200-300 kHz, the depth of the heating layer is 0.5 to 2 mm can be used for the gear, the cylinder, the cam shaft and other parts of the surface hardening.

Petrochemical, chemical and other: petroleum pipeline heating transport; greenhouse heating; automobile tires special equipment, high-strength nut dedicated.
Super audio induction heating process with the current frequency of 20-40 kHz, Super Audio feelings should be current of small modulus teeth heating, heating layer roughly along the tooth profile distribution, better performance in the pure fire. 4 medium frequency induction heating heat treatment with the current frequency is generally 2.5-10 kHz, the heating layer deep deep 2-8 mm, used for large modulus gear, larger diameter shafts and cold roll workpiece surface pure fire . power frequency induction heating heat treatment used in the current frequency of 50-60 Hz, the depth of the heating layer is 10-15 mm, can be used for the type of surface of the workpiece Cui fire.
The main advantage of the characteristics and applications of induction heating: do not have the overall heating and deformation of the workpiece, the energy consumption is small. The pollution. heating speed, the workpiece surface oxidation and decarbonization lighter. surface Sui hard layer can be adjusted as needed, and easy to control. (5) heating equipment can be installed in the mechanical processing production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage, and can reduce the transportation, saving manpower, improve production efficiency. hardened layer martensite smaller, hardness, strength, toughness, are higher. surface hardening of the workpiece surface the larger compression within stress, anti fatigue breaking ability.
The induction heating heat treatment also has some drawbacks. Compared with flame hardening, induction heating equipment is more complex, and adaptability to poor, difficult to guarantee the quality of some of the complex shape of the workpiece.
Induction heating is widely used for surface hardening of the gears, shafts, crankshafts, cams, rollers, etc. of the workpiece, and the purpose is to improve the abrasion resistance and fatigue breaking capability of these artifacts. Axle induction heating surface hardening, design load cycles of fatigue force 10 times than quenched and processing to improve the car. Induction heating surface hardening of the workpiece material is generally in the carbon steel. Half of some of the special needs of the workpiece after the car has been developed for induction heating surface hardening dedicated low hardenability steel. The workpiece can also be used in high-carbon and cast iron induction heating surface hardening. The quenching medium commonly Water or polymer solution.
Equipment induction heating heat treatment equipment is mainly composed by the power supply, quenching machine and sensors.
The main role of the power supply apparatus is suitable output frequency of the alternating current. The high-frequency current power supply transistor IGBT inverter tube high-frequency generator and thyristor frequency converter three. IF current power supply generator sets. General power supply can only output a frequency current, some equipment can change the current frequency, directly with the 50 Hz power frequency current induction heating.
The selection of the power supply apparatus and the workpiece required heating of the layer depth. Heating the deep layer of the workpiece, using the current low frequency power supply apparatus; the heating layer shallow workpiece, the current high frequency power supply apparatus should be used. Select other conditions of the power supply is the power of the device. Heating surface area increases, the electrical power required by the corresponding increase. When the heating surface area is too large, or when insufficient power supply, the method may be continuously heated, so that the relative movement of workpiece and the sensor, the front heating, behind cooling. But the best, or the entire heating surface heating. So that you can use the the workpiece core part heat the hardened surface tempering, so the process simplification, but also to save energy.
The main role of the induction heating quenching machine the workpiece positioning and necessary movement. It should also be accompanied by the quenching media device. Quenching machine can be divided into standard machine tools and special machine tools, the former applies to the general workpiece, which is suitable for mass production of complex workpieces.
Inductive heating of heat treatment, in order to ensure the quality of the heat treatment and to improve thermal efficiency, it is necessary according to the shape of the workpiece and requirements, design and manufacturing structure appropriate sensors. The common sensor outer surface of the sensor is heated, the inner-bore heating sensors, the planar heating sensors, etc.. Half circle-shaped sensors can be used to change the carrier surface shaft parts, the use of a transverse magnetic field heating. Simultaneously heated according to the heating method, the sensors can be divided into the sensors and continuously heated by induction. In order to improve production efficiency, the small workpiece can also be designed to a plurality of workpieces at the same time heating the sensor. In order to improve the orifice and the thermal efficiency of the planar heating sensor and obtain the desired heating contour, can be installed on the reactor in salty guide magnet, so that the current distribution is reasonable.

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